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Successfully demonstrating mastery of a subject grants you an opporturnity to download a certificate, receive an online badge, and obtain a validation code to authenticate your achievement.

Relevant Today and Tomorrow

Tests and questions are updated frequently by industry professionals

Skill Assessment

We're here to evaluate your expertise; not sell you a training course

Well Rounded

Skills, as well as knowledge, theory, and best-practices, are all evaluated

Employers Benefit

Passing a skill assessment demonstrates proficiency and a deep understanding

Convenient Online Testing

You are not required to travel to a testing location. You can take your test wherever, and whenever, you feel comfortable. You will need audio (speakers/headphones) though as a portion of the tests are presented in video format. Tests are mobile-friendly so you can use your phone if you don't have access to a computer.

You will be evaluated across a broad range of topics for the given subject

Each test has been designed and vetted by experienced professionals. Often with combined experiences of 20+ years.

  • Question formats of text, images, videos, and code blocks
  • Single answer as well as multiple-correct answer types
  • Pay attention though. Sometimes the correct answer is, "None of the above".

Tests take 30 - 90 minutes to complete depending on the subject

It's important to dedicate a block of time when taking a test. Once you begin testing you will not have an opportunity to pause, stop, or cancel the test.

There is no cost to take a test. If you run out of time the test will automatically end and you will receive a score. If you don't pass, you will need to wait a period of time before trying again.

Tests are presented in a mobile-friendly format for anyone needing to use their phone or other mobile device

Some test questions have a video/audio portion. You may want to have headphones available.

  • A computer is not required
  • Answers are single/multiple choice
  • Be sure your mobile device is fully charged before starting the test

Sometimes you have a bad day so don't worry if you don't pass the first time

Everyone has a bad day. Maybe you receive an important phone call or just aren't feeling well. It happens, but don't worry.

After signing in you will notice each test description has web links for offsite studying. If you do end up not passing a test you will have to wait a period of time before trying again.


If you are fortunate enough to score high enough to pass the test, you will be given an opportunity to obtain a certificate of achievement, an online badge, and a validation code that authenticates your achievements. Your unlocked assets are always available and can be found after you sign in.


Certificates are only available to those who achieve a passing score on a test.


Links to badges are only available to those who achieve a passing score on a test.


Validation codes are proof you achieved a passing score on a test.


Programming, SQL, Reading Comprehension, Basic Math, Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking, etc. are available. Now offering Covid-19 Awareness! Sign in to view additional information for each test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, it doesn't cost money to take a test. Taking a test is free. If you pass a test you will have an opportunity to "unlock" your achievement by making a credit card payment. Unlocking your achievement grants you access to a downloadable certificate, online badge, and validation code.

  • If you fail a test you will have to wait a period of time before trying again. Typical retry wait times are 2-7 days depending on the test.

  • Tests that are publicly viewable after signing in are not proctored. Before taking any test you must agree that you will take the test by yourself and not rely on anyone else for help. Your test may be proctored if you were directed here by a potential employer with a unique code.

  • Each test is different, but most take between 30 - 90 minutes. Sign in to view the specifics for each test.

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